Celebration of the Rose

Spring is a season of great hope and anticipation. Plants that lay dormant though the cold winter months begin to show the first signs of life as new growth bursts forth and promises the seasons first colorful blooms are soon to follow. During this time, gardeners nurture this tender new growth hoping that their efforts will be rewarded with a garden full of blooms to harvest for Spring arrangements.

With this tradition of hope and anticipation, it is no wonder the rose has become a centerpiece of family life and legacy.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of being a part of many family stories. A couple who filled their reception hall with rose bushes that were planted at their first home as a reminder of their special day. Grandmothers bringing their grandkids to pick out their first rose in hopes of passing on a love of tending the earth and enjoying its bounty. Even those who break down in tears as they share with us stories of a family member or friend who has passed on and how they will remember them fondly by planting a garden of their favorite roses.

Each story is unique, yet a single thread binds them together: the rose.

When we celebrate the first blooms of the season, we are celebrating more than an explosion of color and fragrance from our rose gardens. We are celebrating the hope of a new life together, the anticipation of little ones growing love for the earth, and we remember those who entered our lives and changed them forever. Every person’s story, like each rose bloom, is unique and beautiful. Grab your shovel and plant a rose garden. You never know what story your garden will inspire.


R.K. Witherspoon


Enhancing the Rose Garden for Cutting


Sunflowers for days!

Cutting from your own garden is a great reward while the roses are in full bloom.  Roses certainly steal the show, but what if you wanted to enhance your roses with companion plants that could also be cut?  We have a specially selected list to help you decide what annuals and perennials might be suitable for cutting alongside your roses.

While we typically recommend planting rose gardens by themselves, the addition of certain plants is not out of the question!

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When Do I Winterize?

Baby It’s Cold Outside!

c4ad4-dscf0448Temperatures in North Carolina dipped into the 30’s this past weekend.  With this drop in temps came multiple phone calls from rose gardeners asking what needs to be done this time of year to protect their roses.

Here in North Carolina we have a longer growing season than other parts of the country which means you might see blooms until late November if we’re lucky; however, the bush will begin to defoliate this time of year and the frost might nip the edges of the blooms.

Even with the temperatures dropping as quickly as your rose’s leaves, you will not need to winterize your roses until December!

That being said, now is an excellent time to begin thinking about winterizing and making preparations to cutback in December! Continue reading