Thrips: Tiny Rose Bud Invaders

What are Thrips?

Thrips are tiny sap-sucking insects that will quickly invade a rose bush and cause the blooms to dry up before they even open.  These tan insects look like small pencil lines running around between the petals at the base of the buds.   Unfortunately, it is likely that you will see thrips damage before you see the actual thrips.


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Aphids: Vampires of the Plant World

Vampires of the Plant World

What Are Aphids?

aphidsAphids are small, soft bodied insects that feed on plant sap.  These sap suckers can be green, brown, black, or even pink, but regardless of their color they are all after the same thing. I know you are thinking to yourself, how much damage could these little guys do? Large colonies of aphids sucking sap from the rose bush cells will cause blooms to become deformed and they will not open properly. Unfortunately these vampires of the plant world are not deterred by garlic wreaths or wooden stakes, so let’s explore what the home rose gardener should do to protect their blooms. Continue reading

Spider Mites: A Mite-y Problem

Spider Mites:  A Mite-y Problem

Mites are the third member of the team that is out to get your garden (fungus, insects, mites).  These critters are a difficult problem once they are established, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure they don’t get comfortable in the rose garden.

The mite that we deal with most often is the Two Spotted Spider Mite.  Spider Mites are in the arachnid family and are almost invisible to the naked eye. They can easily be seen with a magnifying glass and unfortunately the results of their feeding on your roses can be seen easily with the naked eye.

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