Enhancing the Rose Garden for Cutting


Sunflowers for days!

Cutting from your own garden is a great reward while the roses are in full bloom.  Roses certainly steal the show, but what if you wanted to enhance your roses with companion plants that could also be cut?  We have a specially selected list to help you decide what annuals and perennials might be suitable for cutting alongside your roses.

While we typically recommend planting rose gardens by themselves, the addition of certain plants is not out of the question!

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Rose Garden Preparation in the Fall?

Prepare for your New Rose Garden in the Fall

3b75a-riosamba2Spiced cider, moonlit hayrides, and bonfires usher us into the time of year where the air is crisp and sweet as the season’s apples.  Autumn weather also brings with it one last beautiful flush of roses.  When you are surrounded by blooms that rival spring’s first blossoms, it is difficult to imagine what the next season will bring.

And even though the season is not quite over, now is the time to begin prepping your garden for next season.

So why is fall a good time to prepare your garden?  Besides the fact that fall weather is perfect for working outside, it is a good idea to prepare the bed with enough time for the soil to settle over winter.  By putting in a little hard work now, your yard will become a healthy, happy home for our new rose garden in the spring.

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