Thrips: Tiny Rose Bud Invaders

What are Thrips?

Thrips are tiny sap-sucking insects that will quickly invade a rose bush and cause the blooms to dry up before they even open.  These tan insects look like small pencil lines running around between the petals at the base of the buds.   Unfortunately, it is likely that you will see thrips damage before you see the actual thrips.


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Enhancing the Rose Garden for Cutting


Sunflowers for days!

Cutting from your own garden is a great reward while the roses are in full bloom.  Roses certainly steal the show, but what if you wanted to enhance your roses with companion plants that could also be cut?  We have a specially selected list to help you decide what annuals and perennials might be suitable for cutting alongside your roses.

While we typically recommend planting rose gardens by themselves, the addition of certain plants is not out of the question!

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Why Should I Order Bareroot Roses?

You Asked… We Answered!

Seven Reasons to Order Bareroot Roses

  1. The roots of your rose have time to get established before spring
  2. Bareroot roses are less expensive than potted roses
  3. Bareroot roses can be shipped to you or to a someone else as a gift
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