2015 First Bloom Celebration in Photos

Hopefully you were able to make it to our First Bloom Celebration in May, but if you missed it here are some highlights from the day!


Introducing the First University Rose

The Wake Forest University Rose

You don’t have to be a Demon Deacon to appreciate the golden color of this university rose! 
This grandiflora, with good disease and a light apple fragrance, is a great bloomer with blossoms that deepen in color with cooler temperatures.  

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Spider Mites: A Mite-y Problem

Spider Mites:  A Mite-y Problem

Mites are the third member of the team that is out to get your garden (fungus, insects, mites).  These critters are a difficult problem once they are established, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure they don’t get comfortable in the rose garden.

The mite that we deal with most often is the Two Spotted Spider Mite.  Spider Mites are in the arachnid family and are almost invisible to the naked eye. They can easily be seen with a magnifying glass and unfortunately the results of their feeding on your roses can be seen easily with the naked eye.

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