Thrips: Tiny Rose Bud Invaders

What are Thrips?

Thrips are tiny sap-sucking insects that will quickly invade a rose bush and cause the blooms to dry up before they even open.  These tan insects look like small pencil lines running around between the petals at the base of the buds.   Unfortunately, it is likely that you will see thrips damage before you see the actual thrips.


What Does Thrips Damage Look Like?

  1. Rose bud edges will begin to dry up and turn brown
  2. Buds will fail to open completely
  3. Leaves will have translucent spots on them

Thrips Damage

Thrips Damage

Thrips Damage

How Do I Control Them?

  1. Keep roses well watered to reduce the stress on the bush
  2. Pick an insecticide that will control thrips and spray the entire bush especially inside the buds
  3. Insecticidal soap will kill them on contact and will need to be reapplied over the course of a few days in order to contact the thrips at every stage of their lifecycle.

Conventional Thrips ControlInsect Killing Soap


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