Witherspoon’s Virtual Tour of Gardens: Welcome to the Bolton’s Garden

Witherspoon’s Virtual Tour of Gardens

Welcome to the Bolton’s Garden

Peaceful sounds of trickling water drifted across the garden as I sat down with Steve and Karen Bolton to talk about their roses.  We sat on the top level of their two tiered deck that overlooks their secluded garden and had a conversation about how they began their journey into growing roses.
A beautiful water feature adds peaceful ambiance to their garden.
Their journey began ten years ago in Oxford, North Carolina.  Steve pastored a church where they met a lovely woman, named Nellie Grey McFarland, who was an avid rose gardener and became a very dear friend.  As Ms. McFarland grew older, she approached Karen and said “I want to give you something to remember me by.” She wanted to give Karen a rose garden.  Thus, Karen’s rose journey began with Ms. McFarland’s small gift of three roses.
As the centerpiece of their garden, they had a beautiful Abraham Darby rose climbing up a small trellis.
Ten years later, Karen still takes the first blooms from her rose garden to Nellie Grey who is now 104 years young.  I wonder if she knew ten years ago that her small gift would inspire such joy in the Bolton’s life.  When Steve and Karen decided to move from Oxford to Durham, North Carolina, the three roses that Nellie Grey gave them made the journey to their new home where they are still flourishing.
Look at that stunning Abraham Darby!  You can tell I fell in love with this rose!
  This gift of roses has inspired Karen to enjoy her garden by sharing her blooms with others.  One of her favorite things about growing roses is the opportunity to share the cut flowers with others.  She will cut her roses to take to her neighbors, as hostess gifts, and to her friends and family that are under the weather.  I’m sure Veteran’s Honor, being her favorite rose, makes it into most bouquets!
View of the garden from the deck.
I have learned in my lifetime that advice from others is one of life’s most valuable treasures.  As we concluded our conversation, I asked what advice they would give to people who are just beginning their rose gardens.  Right off, Karen said research!  Start small and learn all you can about roses and how to care for them.  Before she began growing roses, Karen never really thought of herself as a gardener.  Now, in tending to her roses and learning all she can about them, she experiences great satisfaction.
Karen and Steve Bolton
As I stood up from their patio table to leave, I looked out over the garden one last time.  Steve said earlier in our conversation that he felt that the roses completed the garden, and I could see clearly what he meant.  Their secret garden has the perfect punctuation mark, roses.
Karen and Steve Bolton
Peaceful serenity is the theme of this garden.
Karen’s favorite rose, Veteran’s Honor.
The Heritage rose was gorgeous!
Roses, the perfect punctuation mark to this beautiful garden.

Check out the video below for a 360 view of the Bolton’s garden!

Join us next time for our second stop on the Witherspoon Virtual Tour of Gardens!
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