Highlights from our First Bloom Celebration

First Bloom Celebration 2013!!
May is an exciting time here at Witherspoon Rose Culture.  Color explodes forth from a sea of green leaves and fills our garden with a myriad of brilliant roses.
We celebrate this first bloom of the season every year with a day filled with garden tours, food, and of course roses!
People gathered at the bottom of our Anniversary Garden to begin our guided Garden Tour.  They were able to take a stroll through the 2,000 rose bushes in our garden while stopping along the way for rose care demonstrations!

Our rose care demonstrations were taught by our Rose Service Technicians.  These guys care for nearly 2,600 rose gardens across the state of North Carolina and into both South Carolina and Virginia!  When it comes to rose care, they know their stuff!!
The first stop on the tour was learning how to plant a premium rose garden!
Troy was an excellent teacher!  He gave us step by step instructions as he planted!
Brandon was happy to answer any questions tossed at him after his demonstration on irrigation and weed prevention.
Doug taught our class on cutting roses to enjoy in your home! 

Each stop on the Garden Tour was filled with all the information one needs to care for roses in their own backyard!  Not to mention, the backdrop of 2,000 rose bushes in full bloom! 
Just in case everyone’s questions were not answered during the Garden Tour, we had a Q&A session where everyone had a chance to “Stump the Rose Guy!”  Still no success in completely stumping any of the rose guys!  Maybe next year…

There was also a chance to win Witherspoon Gift cards and fantastic sales on over 180 varieties of roses!
All in all it was a great day filled with fun and only a little rain!  Thank goodness none of us melted in the rain!!

We hope to see you next year for our First Bloom Celebration!!  Bring the family and enjoy the explosion of color!

Oh…and did I mention there were cookies!

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